Garden Sun GS4400SS Patio Heater, Floor Standing, Stainless Steel

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Overview of Garden Sun GS4400SS Patio Heater

Garden Sun GS4400SS patio heater provides the best way to extend outdoor entertaining from fall or spring with your love ones. The vestal heater hides a standard barbecue-style propane reservoir up to 30lbs within the bottom that is made of stainless steel. It has an extremely powerful heat produces over 41,000 BTU's and reaches up to full 15 ft around the heater (or 175 square feet).

Intended Use for This Product

The constructed stainless steel that holds to any climate conditions while remaining beautiful and lovely. This is practically for outdoors activity like barn or gardens.

What We Like from This Heater

This patio heater from Garden Sun has special features that everyone likes most. The durable and attractive heater brings the outdoor living upgrade new level. It has a pushing button that transforms the feeling into a comfortable and warm like summer and you can use this product anywhere and anytime.

It is durable and dependable solid easy-light button ignition that never requires a battery or any outside power. Set your level of comfort using the dial-a-setting button that is safe to use. It is also easy to assemble and has portable wheels so it is very easy to bring anywhere.

It works well in zero to light wind on the deck and the packaging and the instructions is well organized and can be easily understand.

The vestal heater has stainless steel base that can neatly conceal a standard barbeque propane tank up to 30-lbs. Considering that it doesn't use a lot of gas, then a 30-lbs gas tank can really last long.

Drawbacks as Reported by Other Customers

Somehow, this propane heater is prone to rust and it looks unattractive because of the quality of stainless steel and exposure to salt coastal air but overall, it's a great quality product for outdoors event.

Guarantee and Verdict

The Garden Sun GS4400SS guarantees customer satisfaction for its awesome style and excellent performance for long term of use. This product could be the ultimate answer to keep you and entire family warm outdoor.

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