Fire Sense Mocha Patio Heater, Square

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Overview of Fire Sense Mocha Patio Heater

Fire Sense Mocha Patio Heater is a stylish and fashionable unit. It provides an impressive visual flame which is very unique while producing heat in every direction. This one of a kind patio art brings the focal point of any outdoor heating. The protection system is featured in this product for your safety.

Features We Like from This Product

The Mocha Finish Square Flame Heater is a thick, quality aluminum castings on the top and bottom of the base. It has a nice powder-coat on the base top and since the base is assembled, they are not exposed shiny screws.

The tilt shut off switch and stainless protection grid are safe and secured to put together. The flames fill the glass column and flickers are enough to satisfy who are sitting around the fire instincts and the dark base will disappear. The pilot lights are easy to use and it uses standard propane tank hook up and fire up quick and easy.

As with propane patio heater, this unit emits 41,000 BTU's, more warmth than table top heater. Included is convenient wheel assembly in case you need to move it around.

Drawbacks as Reported by Users

The design of Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is a great product as the heat goes out from the top and it looks very nice. It is an elegantly built patio heater that produces ambiance but you should don't expect the same heat as the traditional heater.

The battery compartment is accessed by unscrewing the igniter pushbutton. It can roll off to the sides and might be inaccessible, requiring tilting the unit. Overall, it is a top quality, attractive and impressive product that the value is outstanding.

The Verdict

The price really meets the features and performance of this Fire Sense patio heater. The product cost close to $400 as of this writing. Free shipping is available for orders. This precious product is something that you can really invest and it is a good product to buy.

It guarantees the best and excellent product from the leading manufacturer that has proven track record in the heating industry. In fact, it gets our stamp of approval for the best patio heater in the propane category.

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