Endless Summer Gas Heater GWT801B, Round Stainless Steel, Tabletop

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Overview of Endless Summer Gas Heater GWT801B

Endless Summer Gas Heater GWT801B is a stainless steel cylinder table top patio heater that heats up to 10 foot circle from the top of the table. It has ODS or Oxygen Depletion Sensor that measures the proportion of the oxygen in liquid or in gas.

Intended Users

It is perfect to use when you are having picnics with your friends or loved ones during fall evening and makes warm air. It can be moved and store easily for summer.

Features Worth Mentioning from This Product

It also features a safety tilt switch that is normally open and close configurations that can prevent for any electric shock. This product has a pilot with piezo ignition that automatically shuts off when the unit is not in use. It is made of high quality materials such as the weather resistance hardware that are not prone to rust.

This Portable LP Gas Heater is suited for outdoor dinners when cold evening approaches and it can really make the night warm. You can also use it in the garden, garage and barn.

The gas heater from Endless Summber has exceeded the expectations of the customers due to its features and amazing performance. The heater easily secures to one of the tables by using the hole for the umbrella. It is convenient to use and it also produces adequate heat which allows every user to enjoy warm evenings. It is easy to carry and it has a lightweight structure so that you can bring it anywhere you go.

User-Reported Downsides

The heater can be placed outside even its raining because it had never risky for any rust. However, it won't warm it up like inside the house but does take chill off and makes those cooler airs bearable. Some parts were tight and difficult to screw together when assembling.

Summary and The Verdict

The trusted manufacturer of this product will provide you a portable patio heater that can be used anywhere you want. The high grade professional materials are used in making this product. This product is worth buying. It certainly lives up to your expectation if you compromise the small drawbacks above.

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