Endless Summer EWTR890SP Electric Tabletop Heater “Vacation Day”

Endless Summer EWTR890SP "Vacation Day" Electric Tabletop Heater Rating:
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Overview of Endless Summer EWTR890SP

Endless Summer EWTR890SP Electric Tabletop Heater "Vacation Day" can make you feel warm when you are in the outdoor spaces and produces magnificent design in your backyard settings. It can give an impressive style for your house. It runs on an electric standard current in your household and it has a 1,200 wattage halogen bulb.

Big Plus of This Patio Heater

This type of patio heater is built with hardware material that is weather resistant, thus safe from rusting. It automatically shut-off the switch-tilt that is safe from anybody who is using. It is very easy to assembly and has power cord that measures about 8-foot that enables you to connect to the main electricity supply. The heat covers surface up to 12 ft in diameter.

Endless Summer EWTR890SP is an aesthetically beautiful and effective heater. It looks nice when you are sitting outside while you experience the cool sensation of the evening. The heat it produced is coming from the circular electric heating factor which is the shade part of the heater.

It is the best product that will take away the cool sensation and it will make you feel you relaxed while sitting outside. It is a perfect heater that fights off the chill of the fogs at night.

Downsides Reported by Users

This tabletop patio heater has an impressive glow and decent amount of heat so it is perfect for a small table while drinking some wine or coffee. It is very stylish but some users said the finish on the lamp is coming off and looks cheap and kind of gross. Other than that it is amazing and best high-fashioned heater that you can use for your backyard.

Guarantee and Verdict

The EWTR890SP "Vacation Day" from Endless Summer guarantees a good performance that will last season after season. This product has a great price with free shipping. You will never regret spending money for this kind of precious heater.

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Endless Summer EWTR890SP "Vacation Day" Electric Tabletop Heater 2.9 out of 5 based on 83 ratings.
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